Our Stones
Avena Birthstones is the master of the gemstone alternative. We use the latest technology to craft breathtaking stones that look and feel as beautiful as the real thing. Very few people are able to tell the difference between our stones and their natural equivalents with the naked eye. Please scroll to the specific Avena Stone page for a detailed comparison of their optical properties.

We chose our stones based on their lustre, brilliance and similarity to the optical properties of the natural gemstone being simulated. Our stones are also chosen to rank high in the 4C scale. You can expect our stones to have perfect color and clarity compared to their natural equivalents. Our stones are hand-cut and on certain ring designs, you can upgrade the stone to our special 4K cut.

Ethically Beautiful
Even more importantly our stones are 100% ethically created. This means we avoid all the negative karma built up from mining the earth, not to mention the moral issues plaguing the gemstone industry.
We believe we offer the world a better way to be beautiful.

With proper care and maintenance, the stones used in our jewelry can be treasured for a lifetime, but if you would like to use the equivalent natural gemstone for a particular item please contact us for a quote. We are partnered with several well-established jewelers around the world and will have no problem making your dream piece of jewelry a reality!

Tables of Avena Stone vs Natural Gem Stone Equivalent

AVENA Alexandrite Color Change

AVENA Amethyst

AVENA Apple Peridot

AVENA Aquamarine

AVENA Blue Diamond

AVENA Blue Sapphire

AVENA Citrine

AVENA Dark Sapphire

AVENA Emerald

AVENA Garnet

AVENA Gold Citrine

AVENA Green Sapphire

AVENA Green Tourmaline

AVENA Light Aquamarine

AVENA Light Blue Sapphire

AVENA Light Emerald

AVENA Light Garnet

AVENA Light Tanzanite

AVENA London Blue

AVENA NanoMorganite

AVENA NanoSapphire

AVENA Perfect Pink Ruby

AVENA Pink Diamond

AVENA Tanzanite

AVENA White Diamond

AVENA Yellow Diamond

AVENA Black Diamond