10 Most Unusual But Genius Gifts

Your mom’s birthday is coming up. Your sister got you an unexpected gift. Wondering what to get them for their birthday or anniversary or some other special occasion? Don’t worry, we have curated a list of unusual but genius gifts for everyone on your list.


1. Photo Books

Even in the digital age, there’s something charming about a photo book. Looking back and reminiscing about the beautiful moments in life is a great experience. Give the perfect gift of memories to the people you care about.


2. Tea Subscription

If you know a tea lover who’s very picky about their tea and who’s constantly looking for new kinds of tea to try out, then look no further, a tea subscription is where all their dreams lie. There are tons of tea subscriptions out there


3. Birthstone Jewelry

This is our #1 Gift option that is suitable for EVERYONE. Birthstones are beautiful gemstones that are based on the birth months and are believed to connect the person who wears them to the healing qualities which is why they’re unique and personal to them. A birthstone ring goes with almost every outfit imaginable. We have a great selection of Birthstone rings for every birth month.



4. Portable Smoothie Blender

For those who’re in a time crunch and are tired of carrying a knife and cutting board everywhere, this might change their life. These blenders are usually cordless and could crush anything in a few seconds. They can have their smoothie literally while running late to a meeting. 


5. Cooler Bag

For the outdoor lovers. Want to keep snacks or drinks cold on a hot beach day? Or a picnic? Or just a long road trip? A cooler bag is the way to go!


6. Weekender Bag

For the travel enthusiast, weekender bags are amazing. They’re practical and stylish. From a laptop to the coffee shop to trying to fit everything for the weekend away, these bags can carry it all.


7. Antique Style Rings

Antique style rings are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. These rings are one of a kind, with intricate details. Perfect for someone who loves antique heirloom style jewelry. Check out our  greatest picks for antique rings here.


8. Custom Portrait Illustration

Custom portraits are personal and thoughtful. A flattering drawing or illustration of the person or their loved ones would instantly make them happy. This is one of the most unique and quirky gifts to give.


9. Weighted Blanket

For someone who loves sleeping in or even for those who have issues sleeping, weighted blankets could change the way they sleep. These blankets help you relax and alleviate aches and pains. Once they switch to a weighted blanket, they’d never go back.


10. Massager

For someone who’s always wanted to have a personal massage therapist, this is the next best thing. A back, shoulder and neck massager is what they’ll look forward to after every tiring day. 

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